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Winco 8050 Adjusting Table

The Winco 8050 Adjusting Table is a unique model of exam tables. They are equipped with comfortable tilting armrests ...

Winco 8500 Exam Table

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Winco 8510 Treatment Table

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Winco 8570 Treatment Table

The Winco 8570 Treatment Table is a stylish and unique exam table. Physicians prefer the adjustable, 15 position back...

Winco 8600 Adjustable Treatment Table

The Winco 8600 Adjustable Treatment Table is an affordable brand of exam tables with many reliable features. First, t...

Winco 8900 Bariatric Table

The Winco 8900 Bariatric Table is an excellent choice for your office. This table is manufactured by Access Equipment...

Winco 8910 Bariatric Table

The Winco 8910 Bariatric Table is a sturdy, durable exam table that has been built to last. This table is stylish and...

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In 1890, Daniel David Palmer created a form of alternative medicine and referred to this as chiropractic therapy. A century later, in 1990, the company envisioned to be in the lead in terms of providing quality chiropractic services and selling top of the line chiropractic products. This company was named Access Equipment Corp. The company is classified as a private company falling under the category of "Wholesale Hospital Beds." The headquarters of Access Equipment Corp is located in Sylacagua, Alabama which is near the Talladega National Forest. Access Equipment Corp is headed by its president, John Deerman, with secretarial assistant, Mischell Hamilton and office manager, Lez Pettis.

This company takes pride in its infinite knowledge of chiropractic services. They believe that this is one edge that they have over all of their competitors. For almost 20 years, Access Equipment Corp has helped their customers choose the appropriate equipment that best suits the needs of each individual. The company recognizes the fact that each client has their own budget to work with and it guarantees that each penny spent will be worth it.

Access Equipment Corp offers a wide variety of products. Chiropractors and students who are still studying chiropractic can make use of the x-ray equipment that the company manufactures. The equipment ranges from a view box, x-ray unit, processors, film, tables and cassettes. It also has a long line of other products such as chiropractic tables, water tables, stationary tables, activator tables, hylo tables, elevation equipment, flexion equipment, spinalator table and electrotherapy tools. Those who have a really tight budget may want to search for second hand tools, equipment and accessories through the company website. Second hand buyers will be assured that all of the equipment is still in good condition.

One of the company's more famous products is the Activator. This is used to locate problems in the spinal column and extremities, thus being able to help improve the condition of the patient. This machine is used in pediatrics and geriatrics. Their chiropractic equipment supply consists of drop tables, knee supports and exercise blocks, fulcrums, lumbar expanders, sleep and chair pillows, thoracic arches, traction devices, acupuncture supplies, acupressure supplies and analgesics.

Access has some interesting products such as a tan cloth with electrodes, memory foam pillow, Backtivator, portable interferential units, Biofreeze analgesic pain relief medication, pelvic block and Dejarnette board, chiro comfort mat, ChiroPulse ultrasound unit, and so much more.

If making a difference in your life or the life of a loved one is one of the criteria in choosing a great company, then Access Equipment Corp is a great choice. It is actually more than just another chiropractic company. It has helped to lessen the pain of those who are diagnosed with muscular and skeletal disorders. It eases the pain from those who are being treated for spine problem. Access Equipment Corp has continued to be of great help to those who are on their way to a full recovery.