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Armedica AM-100 Treatment Table

The Armedica AM-100 Treatment Tables are the perfect exam tables, proudly made in the USA. This table is often chosen...

Armedica AM-150 Treatment Table

The main feature of the reliable Armedica AM-150 Treatment Table is the fold down rails on either side. The rails, desig...

Armedica AM-200 Treatment Table

The popular Armedica AM-200 Treatment Table is affordable, stylish, and unique. This model offers patients many featu...

Armedica AM-227 Treatment Table

The two-piece Armedica AM-227 Treatment Table has a an antibacterial Permablok vinyl top with a footswitch operating the...

Armedica AM-234 Bariatric Table

The Armedica AM-234 Bariatric Table is extra sturdy with a 500 lb. stationary capacity and 400 lb. lifting limit. This t...

Armedica AM-240 Bo-Bath Treatment Table

Capable of lifting up to 500 lbs., the sturdy extra-wide Armedica AM-240 Bo-Bath Treatment Table is a quality two sectio...

Armedica AM-250 Treatment Table

Aramedica AM-250 Treatment Table is a reliable treatment table made by Aramedica that raises 45 degrees and lowers 90 de...

Armedica AM-300 Treatment Table

The Armedica AM-300 Treatment Table is a luxurious choice by many Physicians for their medical offices. This model in...

Armedica AM-340 Treatment Table

The Armedica AM-340 Treatment Table comes in a variety of models suited for your needs and budget. The standard features...

Armedica AM-350 Treatment Table

The Armedica AM-350 Treatment Table is a high quality table that is perfect for your clinic. The treatment table is a st...

Armedica AM-353 Treatment Table

Whenever you think of a treatment table, one usually thinks of the flat plain tables that take up a section of the room ...

Armedica AM-368 Treatment Table

The Armedica AM-368 Treatment Table is a special kind of table used in the treatment of patients at a health care facili...

Armedica AM-400 Traction Table

The Armedica AM-400 Traction Table comes with a top section consisting of four parts: head, center, thoracic and foot. T...

Armedica AM-420 Fixed Height Traction Table

The Armedica AM-420 Fixed Height Traction Table is a reliable piece of medical equipment that easily fits the budget of ...

Armedica AM-450 Traction Table

The Armedica AM-450 Traction Table has a six piece top section and a friction free lumbar section, which operates on fou...

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Even the most dedicated physical therapy or sports medicine patients can experience occasional resentment for the tedium created by treatment routines that follow one day after another. We at Armedica Manufacturing Corp don't claim to have a remedy for that feeling, but the products we manufacture and sell can make the overall concept of treatment a more acceptable issue.

Established in Greenwood, Ark., in 1998, Armedica produces therapy models and options that therapists and patients acknowledge present an almost encouraging push to keep working. For instance, the treatment tables we make give clinicians the ability to adjust height and section mobility to levels that provide easy access for the therapist, and makes the treatment process more comfortable for patients.

The Hi-Lo Treatment Tables, all made in the USA, exemplify Armedica's determination to provide physical therapy and sports medicine clinics with the equipment needed to make treatment as efficient and pleasant as possible. Our line of treatment table models are guaranteed to fit the needs of any clinic looking to present patients with a therapy regimen that is made easier and gets better results. And clinicians will also appreciate that our products are affordable, a prime requisite for helping to keep the bottom line under control.

Some of our most popular products offer elegance obtained through practical designs that enable therapists and patients to work in a more comfortable arena. Armedica wood tables and mat platforms, with their attractive natural wood finishes, are an attractive piece of equipment any clinic will be proud to display. Whether your need is for a plain table or any of the many varieties offered, rest assured we have the exact model to fit your therapeutic requirements.

At Armedica, we don't rest on past and present successes. That's why we now produce the AM-SP Series--tables that even future designers might not have seen possible. The AM-SP Series is a line of therapeutic tables based on a single pedestal configuration. This series of tables provides therapists with unhindered access, plenty of leg-room and complete maneuverability. Patients are rewarded with the kind of comfort not routinely seen in lesser therapy tables. Even heavier patients, who might find it awkward or even uncomfortable to be treated on a regular table, can appreciate that the AM-SP Series has a lifting capacity of 400 pounds, and does so without working up a sweat. Another benefit of the AM-SP Series is that the tables don't take up much space, which gives clinics the chance to enhance treatment while hanging on to precious floor space.

Testimonials regarding Armedica products tend to agree that our treatment tables make therapeutic treatments easier, and even more safe. As one customer wrote, "Our hands and eyes never have to leave the patient during treatment."

Armedica products can be ordered from many of the outlets that advertise on the Internet, including here at ExamTablesForSale.com. Check out what online marketers say about Armedica products. For more info, you may call us at 1-800-701-5122.