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Bailey 4301 Cabinet Table

With its upholstered top, the Bailey 4301 Cabinet Table serves the dual purpose of supply cabinet and exam table. The ca...

Bailey 4305 Cabinet Table

Bailey Manufacturing has been a trusted manufacturer of high quality medical equipment since 1956. Bailey provides relia...

Bailey 490 Exam Table

The Bailey 490 Exam Table is the perfect option for your office if you are interested in saving space. This unique ta...

Bailey 491 Exam Table with H-Brace

The Bailey 491 Exam Table with H-Brace offers a little extra support and security for heavier patients while maintaining...

Bailey 492 Exam Table with Shelf

Model 492 - Examination Table With Shelf

Bailey 493 Exam Table with Drawer and H-Brace

This exam table, with stirrups included, goes the extra mile in affording patient comfort and provider convenience. The ...

Bailey 494 Exam Table

Those looking for an exam table with stirrups will find the Bailey 494 Exam Table an excellent choice. The one inch upho...

Bailey 495 Exam Table

Saving space is the goal of the Bailey 495 Exam Table. The 30" high and 24" dimensions accommodate children and ad...

Bailey 498 Pediatric Exam Table

The Bailey 498 Pediatric Exam Table is made of solid wood and may be natural or walnut finish. Its sturdy construction o...

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Bailey Manufacturing began producing and marketing physical therapy apparatuses in 1956. During that time, Bailey has earned a reputation for not only coming up with therapeutic devices designed to enhance physical rehabilitation regimens, but does so with an eye on keeping its quality products available at affordable prices.

The company's headquarters are in Lodi, Ohio, a part of America that truly understands how dedicated effort to produce the best of anything results in honest value and ultimate success in the marketplace. Bailey's employees take pride in designing, developing and marketing a wide variety of devices that help those with physical problems overcome their limitations. Bailey's professional staff knows the competition can be tough, but they also know they are more than capable of providing physical, occupational or sports medicine facilities with the finest therapeutic devices. And they have been doing so for about 55 years.

Bailey's therapeutic products can be made to order for individuals. That guarantees the specific size, color and weight of a device, whether it be training stairs, massage tables or parallel bars, will fit the client who provided his/her particular measurements. This is just one of the reasons that the company is regarded as a rehabilitation industry leader. Bailey is always looking to make existing rehab devices more efficient, while the company's engineers design new products that can make rehab a less tedious effort.

One aspect of Bailey's business is especially appreciated by the company's staff. Pediatric rehab devices produced by Bailey's employees have been proven to help young children overcome their physical debilities. Pediatric products include adjustable chairs, roll chairs, training stools, ramps and pediatric tables and desks. These products are designed and produced under the watchful eye of experienced physical and occupational therapists to help guarantee that pediatric rehab equipment made by Bailey fits the needs of their patients. The children using these devices are encouraged to maintain a steady dedication to their individual therapies because they quickly adapt the attitude that their Bailey device was made just for them. Children of all ages adopted that feeling, which can only have a beneficial impact on their overall physical therapy schedule.

Bailey Manufacturing rehab equipment is sold across the Internet by a growing number of online outlets. Many of these outlets cite Bailey's rehab equipment as the best they can offer customers. The satisfied testimonials that often accompany an outlet's ads give further proof to the quality and efficiency guaranteed for Bailey's rehab devices.

BaileyBasics, six items that can be ready for shipment within three business days, provides a practical approach to keeping therapeutic devices within budget for therapists. The Basics include items such as the wall-mounted mat platform and the upholstered mat table. What it all comes down to is that Bailey Manufacturing is always about finding ways to improve rehabilitation equipment, while keeping costs to a minimum. Further information about the company and its products can be found on www.baileymfg.com.