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Even though ENOCHS Examining Room Furniture has been in business since 1932, they take a very modern approach when it comes to the manufacturing and marketing of the equipment that is vital to the success of today's medical office. Their power tables are designed with eight different positioning options, and that is just for starters.

Each model of ENOCHS Examining Room Furniture's power tables are designed with slight differences according to the preferences of the medical office staff. For example, one model might have a foot control while another is operated by remote control or one may have drawers located underneath the unit while another does not and so forth.

Manual examination tables come in five different designs and have the capacity to hold up to 600 pounds. Like the power table, each manual examination table has slight differences in features, but no differences when it comes to durability and quality.

Treatment tables are the next product line which is offered by ENOCHS Examining Room Furniture. These come in handy when outfitting small exam rooms, even if you are treating a patient who may be unusually large. That is because the treatment tables are designed with generous surfaces in order to allow people of all sizes to feel more comfortable about the procedure they are facing.

ENOCHS Examining Room Furniture understands that children require a type of exam table that is designed just for them. You can help to alleviate the fears of a frightened child by treating them to exam room furniture that is both brightly colored and uniquely patterned. When children are distracted by pleasant sights, it makes for a less strenuous visit for both the parent and child and for your staff.

Of course, the youngest and smallest of patients needs exam room equipment that is even further tailored to their developmental level and physical capabilities. You can help to keep infants safe by investing in an exam room table from ENOCHS Examining Room Furniture that comes complete with side rails to prevent rolling. The infant exam table is purposely designed without an attached scale so each office can place it in accordance with their space limitations and personal preferences.

In addition to specialized exam room tables, ENOCHS Examining Room Furniture has created products which will further aid in the efficiency of your medical office. They seem to have thought of everything, from stools to blood drawing chairs to cabinetry.

ENOCHS Examining Room Furniture is still located in Indianapolis, Indiana, the same as it was in 1932 when it opened its doors. Over the years, they have made continual improvements in both the design and durability of their main product lines.

Under the leadership of Charles Kellam, who purchased the company in 1981, improvements were also made to expedite manufacturing, inventory tracking and shipping of equipment to medical facilities across the United States. Although order processing and other administrative details are handled in Indianapolis, ENOCHS Examining Room Furniture is available to serve customers nationwide.