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Hamilton 3K5 Exam Table

The Hamilton 3K5 Exam Table sturdy stirrups and a comfortable pelvic tilt has a strong powder-coated frame made of steel...

Hamilton 3K52 Exam Table

The Hamilton 3K52 Exam Table is a high quality, low cost solution for healthcare professionals who need to create or upg...

Hamilton 4K784 Exam Table

The Hamilton 4K784 Exam Table is an exceptional model, perfect for any medical office in need of exam tables. This un...

Hamilton 4K785 Exam Table

There can be little doubt that the Hamilton 4k785 Exam Table is a top of the range aid. This robust yet stylish table al...

Hamilton 4K787 Exam Table

Hamilton 4K787 Exam Table is a quality piece of equipment from one of the most trusted producers. The top is stain-resis...

Hamilton 4K788 Exam Table

The Hamilton 4K788 Exam Table is a reliable table built with a steel frame that's powder-coated to offer longer-lasti...

Hamilton 6K50F Treatment Table

Hamilton Medical has created a treatment table that is suitable for any medical environment. The Hamilton 6K50F Treatmen...

Hamilton 6K50FD Treatment Table with Drawer

The Hamilton 6K50FD Treatment Table with Drawer, which is available in a wide array of vinyl color options and two diffe...

Hamilton 6K50FS Treatment Table with Shelf

The Hamilton 6K50FS Treatment Table with Shelf can hold up to 400 lbs and it includes a fortified H brace to ensure dura...

Hamilton 6K518 Power Treatment Table

The Hamilton 6K518 Power Treatment Table is an examination table that has a base made of heavy duty steel and a powdered...

Hamilton 6K528 Power Treatment Table

The Hamilton 6K528 Power Treatment Table is a sleek, no-fuss exam table designed to make your clinical practice look pro...

Hamilton 6K57A Treatment Table

The Hamilton 6K57A Treatment Table is a simple yet elegant medical table that gives both doctor and patient an easy time...

Hamilton 6K57AD Treatment Table with Drawer

The Hamilton 6K57AD Treatment Table with Drawer features an exam tabletop with an adjustable back on top of a sturdy fra...

Hamilton 6K57AS Treatment Table with Shelf

The Hamilton 6K57AS Treatment Table with Shelf has a full-length shelf beneath the examination table that is made of pow...

Hamilton 6K8 Treatment Table

The Hamilton 6K8 Treatment Table is another top-notch product that Hamilton Medical manufactures. This adjustable-back t...

Hamilton 6K9 Treatment Table

The Hamilton 6K9 Treatment Table belongs to the product line of examination tables whose base is made of heavy duty stee...

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Hamilton Medical Furniture provides the highest quality furniture for medical offices and other health care facilities. Hamilton has developed a reputation for professionalism and quality among medical professionals nationwide. Its line of medical and office equipment is among the most versatile available.

In 1880, Hamilton Industries was started by James Edward Hamilton in Two Rivers, Wisconsin. The company has made diverse products in its years of business and has been an innovative developer for several areas. In 1931, it began production of medical exam tables and today is an industry leader in exam table development and sales.

Hamilton provides quality exam tables at competitive prices. Manual Tables are available through their E2 series. These tables can be adjusted by the user for the best position needed for an examination. In addition, tables are available that can be adjusted electronically through the Medallion series. This feature allows the user to make adjustments to the table while performing other tasks. This series of tables provides a diverse collection to meet the needs of medical professionals.

Hamilton Medical offers a full line of chairs for both providers and patients. Stools provide the physician mobility and functioning to assist in his or her examinations. Stools are available, with or without back rests, based on preference and need. All stools from Hamilton have a reliable pneumatic lift system built in. A full line of comfortable patient seating is available in different styles and sizes. Hamilton also provides a line of phlebotomy chairs that make the work of busy labs easy and orderly.

Medical offices and health care providers can have their needs for functional cabinet space met through Hamilton Medical's Timeline series of medical cabinetry. Wall and floor cabinets are available according to the customer's specifications. Hamilton also provides accessories for exam rooms ranging from step-up stools to disposal units and mobile medical cabinets for versatility. Hamilton Medical products assist with the ability to provide quality care to patients and maintain a hygienic environment.

Originally based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in 2002 Hamilton moved its sales marketing and administrative functions to Summerville, South Carolina. Hamilton Medical provides services to areas across the country. Hamilton's network of distributors provide the service and quality products that make Hamilton a leader in the market. Hamilton still provides a range of services through its affiliated companies in Milwaukee.

A leader in customer service and support, Hamilton continually meets the needs of its customers with its professional customer service and parts department. Hamilton is available to provide quality service for all the products it sells. The parts department is ready to respond to customersâ€(TM) needs quickly and completely for any product of Hamilton's manufacture.

All Hamilton Medical E2 tables are sent quickly through Hamilton's Quick Ship program. Hamilton's outgoing logistics department has E2 Series tables with a standard color top available in stock. E2 tables can be received in two business days or less with all accessories are included.