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Hausmann 4420 Exam Table

MSRP: $1,956.00

OUR PRICE: $1,514.00

You Save: 22.6%

Manufacturer: Hausmann
Model: 4420

The Hausmann 4420 Exam Table is an exceptional addition to your medical office. With many versatile features, this table is preferred among Physicians worldwide.

This spectacular table has a removable pad for easy cleaning. The pad is made of durable vinyl that is conveniently attached with Velcro. For extra comfort, the head area is contoured and padded. This model also includes a slip-resistant footstep, sliding leg rest, and adjustable stirrups.

The dimensions of the Hausmann 4420 model are as follows:

- Height- 33"

- Length- 55" to 71"

- Width- 26"

These hospital grade exam tables offer many exciting features for your office.

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