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Current Exam Table Manufacturers

Access Equipment Corp

Access Equipment Corporation is a leader in the manufacturing of medical furniture and related equipment. The company has been in operation since 1990. Access Equipment Corporation caters mainly to companies in the United States and ships purchases anywhere nationally. However, if you need an item and are not located in the United States, Access Equipment does sell some items internationally.

The company has attained the ISO 9001 quality rating on its medical equipment. This assures customers of the highest rating for any item they wish to purchase. It is a family-owned company so it makes sure to keep customer service at a high level as well.

There are many medical furniture items which are needed by the health industry. The most common are medical recliners, medical stools, blood drawing chairs, exam tables, physician stools, long term care recliners, and rolling chart carts for medical notebooks. These products are constantly needed by doctors, hospitals, and clinics. Access also provides furniture for the chiropractic industry as well.

If you need to purchase medical furniture, then Access Equipment Corporation may have the items that you need to fulfill your requirements. The company is open from 8 am to 5 pm Central Standard Time.

Armedica Manufacturing Corp

Armedica Manufacturing Corporation has been producing rehabilitation equipment for physical therapy and sports medicine clinics for the past 13 years. Founded in 1998 by Claude McCormick, the Greenwood, Arkansas based company prides itself on the dynamic coupling of a relatively young company with an experienced and knowledgeable president at its helm: McCormick has been in the business of designing and manufacturing rehabilitation equipment for over 30 years (his specialty is in Hi Lo tables), and his executive experience brings with it a tradition of high quality and good customer service.

The newness of the company, on the other hand, ensures that the products themselves are designed in fresh and creative ways. Armedica's tables are designed so that they can be adjusted to meet the needs of both the therapist and the patient, and come in a great variety of colors and models. Along with affordable prices, the company boasts some of the best and most satisfactory equipment in the industry.

Armedica Manufacturing's list of products includes, but is not limited to, Mobilization Tables, Hi Lo Treatment Tables, Wood Mat Tables, Steel Mat Tables, Wood Treatment Tables, Traction Tables, Bariatric Treatment Tables, Changing Tables, Parallel Bars, and numerous accessories.

Bailey Manufacturing

Bailey Manufacturing Company has been in existence since 1956 and has been producing everything from chairs and lounges to mat tables, work tables and sports medicine tables. They are responsible for products related to physical therapy and are in the forefront in ensuring you get the utmost in comfort and progress when working. Bailey’s provide the best quality products at fair prices, so you never have to concern yourself with unnecessary budgeting when you purchase their products.
Originating in the mid west Lodi Ohio, the company is built on strong work ethics and the concept that a company does not only revolve around the products they make, but also the people who comprise it. All the products which come out of Bailey’s are a reflection of the workers there.

The products available vary in size and color but they are made with you in mind; so you purchase depending on your particular taste and preference. If you require a particular type of product customized just for you, then that’s also possible. It may take a little longer to produce, but the workers put in their best efforts to make sure you get it fast.

Brewer Company

The Brewer Company was founded in 1947. When the company first opened, the primary focus was custom tube fabrication. During the mid 1950’s, the company expanded and started producing bar stools and dining tables for popular diners. Over the next thirty years, the company manufactured scooters, lawn mowers, and bassinets. Since then, the company has expanded its operations to include medical lighting and examination tables.

The Brewer Company prides itself on manufacturing ergonomic seating products for dental, optical, and medical offices around the world. There are currently two divisions: one that handles the seating and one that takes care of the upholstery needs. Every product that is manufactured at The Brewer Company is designed with innovation in mind as well as quality. You will be pleased with any product you order from The Brewer Company.

The Brewer Company is located in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin but serves customers from around the country and world. The company takes pride in putting the customer first. Brewer is dedicated to making sure that every customer is satisfied. If you have any problem with the products purchased, The Brewer Company will be sure to take care of your concerns.

Clinton Industries

Clinton Industries specializes in high quality medical equipment. For over 30 years, the company has serviced the nation with top-name products and services. Based in York, Pennsylvania, Clinton Industries features an extensive catalog of high-end medical equipment. This includes medical tables, seats, cabinets, pediatric products, and blood drawing chairs. Their product lines also consist of medical accessories, physical therapy equipment, and training room furnishings. The company even has a line of Kangoo designed products, exclusively manufactured and designed by Clinton Industries. With innovative products and items, Clinton Industries continues to be an industry leader in affordable medical equipment.

The company integrates modern technology and traditional craftsmanship to ensure the best products. From rehabilitation centers to medical clinics, Clinton Industries services a wide array of clients and industries. With a highly dedicated staff, they can truly meet your needs within budget and on time. You are only one phone call away from accessing the best medical equipment on the market today. Whether you need medical tables or accessories, simply contact Clinton Industries and speak to a helpful customer service representative today. The company is your one stop source for all medical equipment products.


Enochs Examining Room Furniture supplies medical furniture such as power tables, manual tables, treatment tables and pediatric tables. Enochs also offers products such as cabinetry, stools and blood drawing chairs to round out its product line for the medical examining room sector.

Enochs was founded in 1932 in Indianapolis, Indiana on the basic principles of producing quality products and offering quality customer service for medical furniture. Still operating under the same philosophy today in Indianapolis, Enochs is a family-owned and operated business.

Enochs was officially incorporated in 1967, and since Enochs’ purchase by Charles D. Kellam in 1981, Enochs has improved product design and streamlined manufacturing processes in order to provide high quality products and expedient delivery of all products throughout the United States. All Enochs products are backed by a warranty that guarantees products to be free from manufacturing defects for four years from the date of factory shipment.

The Indianapolis headquarters is the base for Enochs’ marketing, as well as all of Enochs order processing and the customer service center, which is a cornerstone of the business. Enochs is an ISO 9001-2004 registered business and officially certified as a Woman Owned Business (WOB).

Hamilton Medical Furniture

In 1880, James Edward Hamilton, a great woodworker of his time, established the Hamilton Company. The company's first product was the Grand Ball which was intended for the printing industry. It was in 1930 when the company considered the idea of manufacturing medical furniture. This created a great stir among doctors, and made medical furniture a common sight in examining rooms.

Today Hamilton Medical Furniture, otherwise known as Thermo Scientific Fisher, serves around 350,000 clients. The company has 4 manufacturing plants – 2 locations in Two Rivers, Wisconsin; 1 location in Mountain Home, Arkansas; and, 1 location in Reynosa, Mexico. Its products range from laboratory furniture to fume hoods and medical accessories. Customers can purchase tailor made products like energy efficient chemical fume hoods, adaptable lab furniture systems, epoxy resin countertops, and much more.

Hamilton also has manual and power exam tables, manual and power treatment tables, exam room cabinetry, and equipment used for seating. With the technology that Hamilton Medical has integrated into its products, the equipment and furniture it manufactures will surely withstand the rigors of laboratories and hospitals. There are 15 international distributors and 35 North American Thermo Scientific Hamilton distributors.

Hausmann Industries Inc

With over 50 years of experience, Hausmann Industries Inc is a leading manufacturer and distributor of quality healthcare supplies. The company offers an online tracking system to help customers stay up to date with the current status of their order, a three-year limited warranty on all products, and customized solutions for every client. Over 80% of the goods available for sale on the store’s website are manufactured in Northvale, New Jersey - where the company is located.

From treatment tables to weight racks and rehab aids, Hausmann Industries Inc carries a wide range of products made to the highest quality standards. Customers can buy exam tables designed for patients with special needs, floor mounted bars, and hand dynamometers that accurately measure hand strength. The company also manufactures high-pressure laminate room furnishings equipped with tamper-proof or anti-suicidal hardware. All pieces can be designed to meet Class A fire resistant requirements.

Hausmann Industries Inc is one of the few companies that sell green products for hospitals and medical institutions. These products are made from eco-friendly materials that reduce carbon footprints, improve air quality and protect the environment. The selection includes energy saving exam lamps, wooden storage couches and portable massage tables.


Medline is one of the most comprehensive medical supply companies in the country, and they also supply medical services. The Medline that we know today was founded in 1966, but it got its start in 1866 as a garment manufacturing company that steadily progressed through the years.

Medline's numbers are quite impressive with 34 distribution centers, 20 product divisions and 6,800 employees who manufacture and/or distribute over 100,000 different products. The recipients of these products range from hospitals, to nursing homes, to retail pharmacy stores. Most every business in the U.S, as well as 20 other countries, that sells or otherwise handles medical supplies of any kind, are more than likely serviced by Medline.

The health care industry is one of the few sectors of the economy that see's steady growth and we fully recognize that. We are prepared to handle our projected future growth with the same integrity and professionalism that has become the hallmark of our company for nearly 150 years. Medline is an ISO 9000, EN 46000 as well as FDA QSR compliant company who is quickly becoming the industry standard in customer satisfaction


The delivery of health care has taken on new dimensions in the improvement of the quality of life for people around the world. Midmark Corporation is in the forefront of delivering some of the tools behind that effort.

The company manufactures and distributes surgical and office equipment used in medical, dental, and veterinarian offices across the United States and overseas. The company is a leader in providing products that enhance the patient experience and improve the ability of doctors to deliver excellent health care.

The company offers three lines: medical products, dental products, and animal health care products. Midmark prides itself on supplying specialty products to the health care industry.

The company was founded in 1915 as a manufacturer of concrete mixers. However, in 1967 it acquired a metal furniture company and then began producing medical equipment. By 1990, the company became solely a producer of medical equipment.

As of 2011, Midmark Corporation has 1400 employees. The head office and main factory is in Versailles, Ohio, with additional offices in Kentucky, Illinois, Florida, and California. To serve the international market, Midmark has offices in France, Italy, and the United Kingdom. Additional manufacturing capabilities are located in India.

Oakworks Medical

Oakworks Medical produces medical tables and accessories for doctor's offices, hospitals, medical facilities, and medical clinics.

Oakworks has been in business for over 30 years, and this Central Pennsylvania-based company can outfit your office, exam rooms, or medical spa for any purpose.

Oakworks produces the traditional exam tables that are portable and stationary. Oakworks also produce arm tables and pain management accessories for any medical facility or office.

Imaging tables and imaging tables specifically designed for women are available as well. The company also produces tables specially designed for ultrasound, echocardiography, and tables with and without fowlers.

Physical therapy equipment ranges from manipulation tables, stools and mats to portable tables and bolsters for athletic training rooms. You will be able to outfit a training room or athletic treatment all in one place.

The company is committed to sustainability and environmental stewardship. The company runs a "dry" plant, produces no water waste, uses only water-based finishes, and recycles packing materials in an effort to remain environmentally conscious.

Oakworks manufactures medical equipment and tables to suit any medical space, and does so with a commitment to quality in an eco-friendly manner.

Patterson Medical

Patterson Medical is a global leader in rehabilitation and sports medicine products. Based in Bolingbrook, Illinois, the company continues to provide top-name rehabilitation supplies, equipment, and assisted living products. Since its inception in 2003, Patterson Medical has opened 12 branch offices throughout the U.S. The company has also seen expansion in Europe, with Homecraft in the U.K. and Kinetic in France.

While Homecraft is a leading supplier of daily living aids, Kinetic manufactures and distributes Continuous Passive Motions machines and several Homecraft products. From examination tables to splinting material, its Sammons Preston Catalog features over 20,000 brands and is the industry’s largest.

Patterson Medical is world renowned for its products and services. For over seven years, they have serviced the medical community with lasting results. This includes occupational and physical therapists, along with hospitals, clinics and long-term care facilities. The company also offers innovative products for the advanced rehabilitation market.

In addition, Patterson Medical’s Medco Sports Division provides more than 12,000 products to professional, collegiate and high school athletic trainers. With state-of-the-art technologies, Patterson Medical products are widely utilized and always in demand.

For more information, please visit PattersonMedical.com today.

United Metal Fabricators

Since 1956, UMF has been a dependable source of quality exam tables and equipment from their Johnstown, Pennsylvania location. The products available through UMF are built by skilled craftsmen/women that stand behind their product. Supplying health-care professionals, the products of UMF promote excellence and value to their customers.

From power procedure tables and chairs, to kick buckets and sponge receptacles, all are guaranteed by UMF to meet the expectations of both clinician and patient alike. Offering both safety and functionality and never using inferior materials to compromise value versus savings, UMF has the philosophy of complete customer satisfaction.

UMF has been recognized by multiple websites for their contributions to the health-care industry; citations such as UMF going green, receiving exporter of the year in 2010, and announcing a new podiatry chair to name a few. It is with both accomplishments and recognition that continues the upward mobility of UMF.

The vision of Joseph Romano, Sr., who founded United Metal Fabricators Incorporated, took the time to listen to the doctors and health-care professionals in designing the first of many exam tables and related equipment utilized by the community of Johnstown and the world. As new technology abounds, UMF will listen still.

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