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Examination Beds

Many websites offer deals on medical examination beds, but it can be difficult to tell if these examination beds are worth the price. Used medical examination beds, like all used medical equipment, can be great deals, provided they are in excellent working condition. There are two main kinds of used medical equipment beds: Refurbished exam tables and as is exam tables.

Obviously, when dealing with used medical equipment, refurbished is typically a safe bet. Refurbished exam tables are completely restored to like new conditions. These examination beds can be refurbished by the original manufacturer, or by a third party repair center. Regardless of how the beds are refurbished a refurbished bed guarantees that the bed will stand up to the latest medical equipment standards.

Buying used medical equipment as-is can often be a bit riskier. Typically, as is used medical equipment should only be purchased if it is less than five years old. Older equipment must be either refurbished or thoroughly inspected before use. Of course, for exam tables that do not need to integrate with newer medical technology, an older table can get the job done provided it is thoroughly cleaned and in good condition.

Because examination beds are not technically complicated, and do not change much over time, there is a fairly large market for used medical examination beds and refurbished medical exam tables. Because doctor's offices and clinics close down and move frequently, especially in cities, it is not uncommon for these offices to sell off their assets, including medical furniture.

When buying used medical equipment to furnish a new office or facility, it is imperative to ensure that the equipment looks professional and consistent. A new doctor certainly does not want exam tables in several different colors and several different styles. Consistency suggests professionalism.

Keeping this in mind, exam tables are a great place to save money. Buying used medical examination beds can save small practices thousands of dollars. The money saved on used medical equipment in the form of beds and tables can be used towards top of the line screening devices or more competitive wages for the staff. Refurbished exam tables are a great way for small practices or underfunded clinics to save money without compromising patient health or safety.

Doctors seeking more advanced exam tables will still be able to find exactly what they are looking for in the used market. Many of the newer used exam tables can be used in conjunction with the latest medical technology. Obviously, all medical exam tables must be able to work with all the office equipment. Most used tables can still accomplish this task.

The Internet is a great resource to locate great deals on refurbished exam tables and used medical equipment. Many sites offer free shipping. Buying medical equipment in bulk typically leads to better prices. Whether you decide to buy refurbished exam tables and equipment or simply used equipment, you can be assured that used does not mean inferior.

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