Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy takes your private information very seriously. We make certain that your transactions and personal information are kept secure throughout the sales process.

Your information is never sold or forwarded to a third party, and information you provide to us is used only for the purpose of providing you with excellent customer service. Our privacy policy prevents us from using your information for anything other sales and service.

You are able to keep your information under a unique username, and your password is kept private. Our staff does not have access to your password or other account information, and they will not ask for sensitive information under any circumstances.

You are the only person who can alter information on your account, and you may access your account whenever you choose. Having complete control over your account allows you to control information in any way that you see fit.

We track IP addresses and use cookies to make sure that we can track your likes and dislikes. We also use this information to help recommend products and services that we believe would benefit you.

As before, your IP address and shopping preferences are not shared with any third parties. We do not sell your information to other businesses, and we do not provide other businesses with information that would allow them to solicit you.

Every bit of information gathered goes right to servicing you better as our valued customer. This is our commitment to you.

We do not request extra information from you after a sale, and every sale is completed using our secured server. You will never have to do anything but shop our site.

When your transactions are completed, the information you provide to complete the transaction is only used for the completion of said transaction. Your personal information is not kept after the sale, and any payment methods are not stored in our system.

Your payment information and preferences are never shared with third parties, and they are only used to complete sales that you have tendered with us. We aim to keep your information in-house so that you never have to worry about where your personal details are going.

Our security information is available for review at any time, and you are more than welcome to ask any of our associates about our privacy policy. We welcome any questions or concerns you may have, and are available during business hours to help you.

This privacy policy applies to all transactions and dealings that anyone has with our business. We handle all of our customers' and business associates' information in the same manner, and we will not offer information about other customers to you -- in accordance with our policies concerning your own information.

At, we value your business and want nothing but the best for you in current and future dealings with our company. Rest assured that your personal information is safe and secure with us.

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